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How-to-Video #1: Introducing Toothpaste to Your Cat

Learn how to care for your cat's teeth at home by first introducing them to toothpaste. Poultry-flavored kitty toothpaste was used in this video. Instead of using a toothbrush right away, try smearing a little on your finger and have your kitties give it a taste!

How-to-Video #2: Applying Toothpaste to Your Cat's Teeth

Progress to rubbing toothpaste on your cat's teeth with your finger. Again, poultry-flavored kitty toothpaste was used in this video.

How-to-Video #3: Using a Toothbrush

Once your cat is used to the taste, you can begin using a toothbrush. There are many different kinds of pet toothbrushes out there, so you may need to experiment to find what works best for your cat.