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Feline Purrsonality
rae with cats
Rachel Givin at home in Pullman Washington
( October 10, 1957 - December 5, 2002 )
The Feline Temperament Type Sorter is dedicated to the memory of my sister Rachel.

After a 3 year hiatus, the on-line Feline Temperament Type Sorter is now operational. (December 2005)

Generalizations about cat behavior tend to break down when we try to apply them to all cats.   Identifying and understanding an individual catís temperament type, should allow us to better understand, and interact with that specific cat.   Behavior studies which have addressed cat personalities have provided some interesting insights.   What is needed is a consistent classification scheme so that we can better describe and study the role of temperament in the behavior of the domestic cat.

Personality (temperament type) in people has a significant affect on learning style, job apptitude, and success in relationships.   Use of psychometric instruments (questionnaires) to catagorize and describe a person's temperament type is accepted practice.

The Feline Temperamant Type Sorter is based on the model developed by Myers-Briggs for people.   It is designed to separate cats into 16 possible temperament types based on situational behaviors observed by the respondent.   There are 64 questions.   Each has two possible responses.   When scored at the end of the test, responses will determine which of each of the four pairs of traits the cat exhibits most often.   The four pairs of traits were chosen to represent the opposite ends of the temperament spectrum for:
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